Judicial Complex Rotterdam


Detention Center Rotterdam is de first judicial complex in the Netherlands which was built using Public- Private Partnerships (DBFMO). The project comprises in the realisation of a new detention center (320 cells and room for 576 inmates) and the exploitation for a period of 25 years. 

Aiber has supported consortium DC16 (Ballast Nedam, Strukton and ISS) in multiple roles during tender-, realisation- and exploitation phase. At this moment Aiber is responsible for the (integral) SPC management on behalf of TDP.

Tender management

Aiber was responsible for the OPEX budget in the tender phase. This budget amounted to 50% of the total project costs.


Aiber has mobilized the Exploitation department of DC16 for the subsequent building phase with special emphasis on the cooperation between suppliers and sub-contractors.

Exploitation management

During the exploitation Aiber is been responsible for the execution of supplier audits. The total operational scope is appointed to one or more sub-contractors. Nevertheless the main contractor is always responsible for the actions of his sub-contractors, therefore it is necessary to always be in control. Aiber has developed special tools for thorough and adequate execution of supplier audits in PPP projects. We are able to screen the partners in the cooperation in an efficient way. 

SPC management

On behalf of TDP, Aiber fulfils SPC management integrally for DC16. Aiber is in control of the project director, contract management and financial management. Years of knowledge and experience is very helpful. Aiber organizes the contract management, thereby all contractual agreements and obligations are screened. In that function Aiber also has the role of mediator. 

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