A15 Maasvlakte – Vaanplein


The A15 highway that connects Maasvlakte to Vaanplein intersection has been expanded between 2011-2015. The project consisted expanding the capacity of 37 kilometer highway, realisation and renovation of several tunnels and bridges including the new Botlekbridge. The A-Lanes A15 consortium (Ballast Nedam, John Laing, Strabag and Strukton) is responsible for designing, constructing, financing and maintaining the project for a period of 20 years. Aiber has fulfilled multiple roles in SPC, EPC and Maintenance Company. 

Exploitation manager

Aiber has fulfilled the role of Maintenance Company (M-Co) manager during the realisation phase and the start of the exploitation phase. In this role, Aiber was responsible for the Maintenance Organization itself, but also the coordination with EPC, SPC and Rijkswaterstaat.

Performance Measurement System

Aiber has coordinated the implementation and management of the Performance Measurement System (PMS). In this role Aiber was responsible for the development of the ICT-tool, coordinating the interfaces from PMS with other disciplines, the tuning of the performance requirements with the client and knowledge-responsible for the payment mechanism.

Mobilisation and transition management

Aiber supplied the Mobilization & Transition Manager at A-Lanes A15. He was responsible for the transition of the consortium from the realisation to the exploitation phase. This was characterized by handing over assets, processes and responsibilities from the EPC to the Maintenance Company as well as mobilizing the Maintenance Company for the exploitation phase. 

Asset management

As a Maintenance Engineer, Aiber is responsible for implementing, updating and reviewing the maintenance plans and FMECA (Failure Mode and Criticality Analysis) based on determined risks from the contract requirements. Aiber is also responsible for planning, executing and coordinating the inspections, but also reporting this to higher management. Finally, the maintenance engineer is also responsible for data analysis from different datasets (GIS, Maximo and DMS). 

Contract manager EPC

Aiber has coordinated the ‘VTW’s’ (request for change) and contract changes at A-Lanes A15. Focus points were organizing the internal bid and the tuning with the client.

Project control SPC

Aiber coordinates the project control for the SPC. In this role it is responsible for supporting the project director in managing and maintaining contractual relationships with the client (Rijkswaterstaat), EPC and the Maintenance Company of A-lanes A15. Aiber is responsible for coordinating the process of quality management, contributing to the progress reports that are sent to the SPC board and the contract team of the client, with the eventual goal of satisfying the expectations and requirements of the client.

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