Project control

The dimension and complexity of DBFM(O) projects requires an organisation to be in control. Aiber is very strong in setting-up and optimizing processes that make organisations work efficiently. Developing effective methods to steer on time, money, quality, organisation and information allows the project to be more controllable. Aiber has developed a strong sense for all these project oriented aspects and is able to organise this so it can work to the benefit of your project. Consequently resulting in an efficient process and an effective organization. 

Aiber focusses on the following issues:

  • Risk management: by using a practical approach of risk management Aiber ensures effective usage of preventive measures;
  • Quality management: Aiber underlines quality to be an effective tool instead of identifying it as a goal. Through thorough experience with implementing and maintaining management systems for DBFM(O) projects (ISO:9001, ISO:14001, ISO:27001, ISO:15288, ISO:15504) we are specialize in  combining the contractual requirements with process optimizations. 
  • Information management: Aiber organizes this process so it can actually facilitate the organisation, instead of feeling  like a burden.