Aiber delivers intelligence in projects and tenders. We create balance and efficiency in a complex environment, with an eye for opportunities and a continuous view on the long term result. We don´t supply capacity, we supply quality!

Our services take place within the realm of performance based contracts, like Public Private Partnerships (PPP): DBFM-projects in the civil infrastructure and DBFMO-projects in buildings. In every phase of such projects we take care of the right balance between contract, process, technique and environment. Aiber distinguishes itself by its sense for the whole duration of these projects. Therefore, our point of view comes from the M and the O  (maintain and operate), but we offer a much wider scope of activities.

The service Aiber provides can be subdivided into M&O, SPC and Project Intelligence. Within these disciplines we offer a number of services that have been fulfilled successfully in a large amount of projects and tenders. Through our thorough knowledge of various contract modes and our comprehensive experience with different clients, we can make a difference in various roles.

By clicking on a discipline left of this text you can find a description of the various services. Apart from these services Aiber can fulfil much more roles in your project or tender. Curious? Do not hesitate to contact us!