Rijnstraat 8


Government building Rijnstraat 8 in the Hague is totally renovated between 2014 and 2017. The building is taken into use and the exploitation lasts 25 years. Aiber has fulfilled multiple roles for the consortium ‘Poort centraal’ (BAM, ISS an OMA architects) in the tender phase and realisation phase. 

Tender management / OPEX

Aiber has advised the design team and architect in choices that had to be made regarding the exploitation. We challenged everyone to come up with alternatives with the maximum price-quality relation. Consequently we have initiated and coordinated meetings where all parties integrally agreed on multiple topics and therefore acquiring the optimal offer. 

Asset management

Aiber has fulfilled the role of exploitation- and asset manager, much effort has been put into finding the coherence between different departments and experts. For example activities in the area of construction and technical maintenance, energy regime and facility management. 

Contract management

Managing the changes within a contract is an aspect where Aiber has gained much experience and knowledge throughout the years. For the consortium PoortCentraal, Aiber has implemented change management within the organization by using the Plan-Do-Check-Act principle. Furthermore time was invested after the implementation to make sure that this process works effective and efficiently during the whole lifecycle.

Project control

Aiber has coordinated multiple activities in the role of process- and project manager. These activities comprised out of tender management, dialogues, cost challenges, benchmarks and accordance with design team and construction company. Aiber managed to give much attention to the realistic and needed service level during the exploitation phase. 

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