Judicial Complex Zaanstad


The Judicial Complex in Zaanstad is a highly innovative construction project bases on a DBFMO contract which was built by consortium Pi2 and commissioned by two contracting authorities: Rijksvastgoedbedrijf en Dienst Justitiele Inrichtingen (DJI). Since 2016 the project is in exploitation phase. Aiber has supported the consortium of Pi2 in multiple roles during realisation- and exploitation phase. 

Mobilisation and Transition Manager

In the role of Mobilisation and Transition Manager Aiber was asked to advise and support the organisation. Responsibilities of the Manager included process guidance and securing the on time delivery of the: Monitoring Plan, Execution Plan for Services and the Moving Plan. Apart from these responsibilities we also established and maintained the contact with the contracting authorities. 

Exploitation Manager

Aiber has both a steering and advising role within the exploitation phase. In this role we are able to use our experience with processes and contentual knowledge in eventually reaching an optimal result for the contracting authority and consortium

Contract manager EPC

Aiber was responsible for coordinating and guiding the contract management for the design and build organization. In this role we have correctly dealt with purchase contracts and managing them throughout. In addition Aiber was also responsible for managing the changes in the contract and was asked to deal with disputes multiple times. 

Contract manager SPC

As a contract manager for the SPC organization Aiber deals with the interests of the contracting authority and the client. In this role we were involved in reaching an agreement on insurances and make sure that all parties follow up on their responsibilities.

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