Hoge Raad der Nederlanden


In the historical inner city of the Hague the DBFM project: ‘Hoge Raad der Nederlanden’ has been realized. Apart from an office and tribunal court of 15.000 m2 with public utilities, there is also an underground parking which can hold up to 50 cars. Aiber supports the consortium ‘Poort van Den Haag’ (Kaan Architect, BAM and ISS) during tender and realisation phase. 

Exploitation management

Aiber was responsible for the exploitation component during the tender phase. On the one hand, the focus was steering on exploitation efficiency, on the other hand it involved exerting influence on the design realizing a sustainable building and ditto maintenance- and service level processes. 


Aiber supports the contracting authority after granting the tender in establishing the OPEX. During the realisation phase the influence on the design is getting smaller and smaller. Consequently the focus is shifting towards working out service level processes. Alongside with this activity Aiber unravels the needs and requirements of the client until its essence. By closely working together we work to an optimal and efficient solution. Also creating less distance between Aiber and all the involved parties and therefore strengthening the relationship between contractor and contracting authority. 

Project control

Aiber has designed and mobilized the exploitation organisation. Coordinating and supervising the services, monitoring plan and moving plan. We have also developed and implemented the management system for the exploitation phase.

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