DBBS (Defensie)

Prestatie contract

The ministry of Defence replaces the current systems for DBBS, this is an abbreviation for Defence Guarding and Security Systems. This new system will be implemented in 170 locations throughout the Netherlands and this will replace 45 existing systems on mostly all the defence sites. This project has been put into the market as a performance based contract. The consortium: Thales-Unica, had the winning bid and is now responsible for realizing the project and maintaining it for a period of 15 years,

Performance measurement system

Aiber has developed the Performance Measurement System for Thales-Unica during selection and tender phase. The project comprised out of making a framework for the system, verification method, the audit method (based on ‘Systeemgerichte contactbeheersing’) and an extensive analysis of the payment scheme. 

Tender Management

Aiber was part of the tender strategy and dialoguing team and has given advice about strategies to win the tender. As part of this team we have led the meetings with the client within the framework of the performance based contract.

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