Construction and restructuring of the Haga Hospital


The HaGA Hospital in the Hague has been under construction in the period 2013-2017. During this period a new building has been realized and an existing building has been restructured. This project has been put into a DBM contract and has been awarded to the consortium: VolkerWesselsHaga.

Project Management DBM

Aiber coordinated the cycle where client and contractor have a common goal in optimizing the DBM contract. Aiber was responsible for making sure the tactical document was realized on time and within budget, also making the optimizations insightful. Consequently giving the organization to effectively steer on the results and function efficiently. 

Process Management

With the introduction of the DBM contract and the outsourcing of the maintenance component the role of the technical division within a company has changed. Aiber has helped the technical company with developing a new framework for all the processes. Because of changing responsibilities and activities this gives the technical company something to hold on to. 

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