Ruud van Lierop

Ruud has been in the hospitality sector his whole professional career. After successful completing the hotel school, he also successfully graduated the Master in Facility Management (MFM). This resulted in working for various facility organizations.

During his work Ruud developed a passion for structure and processes. Setting up and organizing facility processes with a decent dose of facility procurement were the main challenges here. He also participated in the procurement of various PPS projects, such as Kromhoutkazerne in Utrecht and ‘DUO’ in Groningen.

Ruud's expertise lies with the organizational structure after the tender phase. Thus, he accompanied a mobilization course of a judicial complex in Rotterdam, followed by the design of the operational (operating) organization. This organization was certified in NEN-ISO (9001 and 14001) within one year after completion. After that, for a period of one and a half years, Ruud has been involved in the mobilization and establishment of an even bigger PPS project near Amsterdam, Judicial Complex Schiphol. With a small overlap, another PPS project, the Hoge Raad der Nederlanden in The Hague, followed. The biggest challenge here was to start the service at an early stage and to match public and private expectations.

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