Rik Hutting

During his master, Environmental & Infrastructure Planning (EIP), Rik came into contact with the complex issues in the infraworld. Here's what Rik drives during his career: finding simple solutions for complex challenges. In particular the dynamics of PPP projects, where the market sometimes struggles with new responsibilities, appeals to him.

After being included in the EMVI documents of a number of tenders, Rik was involved in the project A15 Maasvlakte - Vaanplein. Here he was responsible for setting up, managing and coordinating the Performance Measurement System (PMS). After successful implementation, he was appointed as a mobilization and transition manager in the same project, responsible for managing the organization for the exploitation phase. Partly due to its pragmatic approach and the timely and open communication with the client (RWS) and the construction organization (EPC), the project has successfully transferred to the exploitation phase.

During the same period, Rik has worked as asset manager to embed asset management in organizations. For example, he was responsible for the OPEX budget during the tender for the DBFM project N18 Groenlo - Enschede.

Meanwhile, Rik has developed into an all-round advisor and project manager in the field of PPS / DBFM (O), process management, asset management and operational management. He likes to motivate people and create conditions that make people both fun and efficient. Rik hereby associates in an enthusiastic way with analytical ability to create a creative and practical approach.

Outside his work, Riks is passionate about traveling. Closer to home, he finds his relaxation on the race bike or in a roundabout and in a good restaurant or cozy pub. Riks motto in both work and private is therefore: especially the things you like!

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