Mark Raming

Collaborations in the building industry are changing. This is a development that will remain visible in the coming years. Construction projects are becoming increasingly complex. Clients add more responsibilities to the market. Clear appointments, tuning and communication between (building) partners, clients, customers, users and stakeholders are essential to satisfy everyone. This requires additional skills from the participants to work together in the often complex structure of construction projects.

Mark Raming is senior contract manager and ADR-certified construction mediator. In 1995, he completed his studies of Civil Engineering at TU Delft. Since then he has been involved in projects within the infrastructure, construction and energy sector, from the initiation phase to the exploitation phase. His specialty lies in integral contracts, such as Design Build Finance Maintain (Operate) and UAV-GC.

To promote cooperation in the construction industry, Mark established the Bouwtafel in 2015. Mark knows the game rules and interests of stakeholders in DBFM (O) projects; The field of work in which Aiber is also active. A logical step to hold hands together. Since September this year, Mark and Aiber work together in the field of contract management and mediation.

Mark establishes as contract manager and mediator structure and rest in organization of many parties within the construction project. As a contract manager, he keeps track of current contracts so that agreements are complied with and, if necessary, new ones are formulated. His knowledge of risk management, engineering, legal frameworks, project financing and understanding of management processes and business plans help him.

"As a spin in the web of partnerships or complex contract structures, I work optimally. I would like to support people with difficult issues. By connecting and improving parties in their performance, I strive to serve both the general and the individual interests. "

Mark is an integer person, thus enjoying the confidence of parties as independent process counselor. He is able to keep the mutual understanding constructive. Mark is convinced that skills from the mediation subject of added value are to enhance and strengthen collaboration within the consortium and with clients and colleagues.

Even in his spare time Mark would like to cross his boundaries. With the sailboat, he forces wild waters to reach further destinations. He likes relaxing on the tennis court or ice rink. In addition, his passion for technology is in and out of all kinds of jobs. He also mediates as a volunteer in conflicts between neighbors.

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