Jeroen Posthuma

After his study Facility Management in Breda, Jeroen immediately started working in this field. He has been able to help various facility organizations with the implementation / support of their facility business processes through Facility Management Information Systems (FMIS). The current monitoring systems are often based on an FMIS, which has prompted Jeroen to get acquainted with this.

Jeroen's expertise lies in organizational issues and process optimizations in the operational phase of DBFMO projects. For example, Jeroen had an active role in the exploitation phase of the PPS organization of a judicial complex in Rotterdam. In his role as Facility Manager for this project, Jeroen has implemented process improvements and cost savings in various areas. This in an environment where customer satisfaction, expectations management and the internal organizational structure are a permanently challenging factor.

As an advisor, Jeroen assisted the Hoge Raad in The Hague with the establishment of various business processes as well as implementation of some contractual Periodic Measurements. Jeroen also worked as a project leader for the PPS organization of a judicial complex in Zaanstad at the startup. He has been responsible for process guidance and timely and correct delivery of the monitoring plan, implementation plan services and in-house plan. Finally, Jeroen has the role of interim operations manager in this project, he is responsible for the full exploitation company on a temporary basis.

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