Gerrit Burger

Gerrit has over 20 years of experience in infrastructural and construction projects as a civil engineer and business expert. Over the years he has fulfilled different roles, with motivational leadership fitting him the best. From his unique combination of highly practical, intellectual and social motivators, he accomplishes goals by inspiring his co-workers. That's his power. He also puts this force into projects of clients where complexity and politics come together. Since Aibers expanded its activities DBFMO/PPS projects in 2007, Gerrit is a driving force for the development of this way of contracting.

Gerrit has been involved in many of the Dutch PPS projects in the Construction and Infrastructure in recent years, such as Detention Center Rotterdam Zestienhoven, Kromhout Kazerne, Judicial Complex Schiphol, Judicial Complex Zaanstad and A15 Maasvlakte - Vaanplein. The roles fulfilled were mainly those of exploitation director. In this role he is responsible for managing the maintenance organization and more importantly also the interests of all stakeholders.

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