Annelies Besse

Annelies Besse has an educational and financial background and is someone who takes the role of project assistant to a higher level. During her time working for Aiber, she combined the experience from public and private sector and developed into a sparring partner for project management.

Her expertise lies in defining and designing procedures, guidelines and policies as well as making them more efficient and effective. Annelies is service-oriented and highly involved for reaching a high quality of work. She best prefers to work systematically and is seen as a critical thinker.

Since 2011, she supports and advises the project management of two major infrastructure projects at SPC level in maintaining and managing contractual relationships with the customer (RWS), the EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction Branch) and the MCO (Maintenance Company). Quality management, change management, correspondence, reporting and monitoring, it all belongs to Annelies's task package.

Annelies is the quiet leader in the background of the team. She is at her best as a caller and mentor in the field of data, information, research, guidelines and procedures. Her work style is best described as conscientious, learning, critical and effective. She is a concentrated listener who reviews a story on content. If you're asking Annelies something, you're sure that it's happening and she will always go for the best possible result!

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