Maintain & Operate

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Special Purpose Company

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Project intelligence

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Aibers activities

Aiber delivers intelligence in projects and tenders. We create balance and efficiency in a complex environment, with an eye for opportunities and a continuous view on the long term result. Aiber doesn’t supply capacity, we supply quality!

Our services take place within the realm of performance based contracts, like Public Private Partnerships (PPP): DBFM-projects in the civil infrastructure and DBFMO-projects in buildings. In every phase of such projects we take care of the right balance between contract, process, technique and environment. Aiber distinguishes itself by its sense for the whole duration of these projects. Therefore, our point of view comes from the M and the O  (maintain and operate), but we offer a much wider scope of activities.

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Meet Aiber

Aiber professionals combine process and project management skills while always considering the interests of all parties involved. Leadership instead of management. Within the rules of the game, but outside of the box.

The advisors and managers of Aiber enjoy tackling difficult issues and are all entrepreneurs. We are doing this for ourselves, but foremost for the clients. They want to see a return on their investment; whether it is about increasing the capacity the road capacity or creating an accommodation, the construction of energy facilities or developments in sustainable industry.

We thrive on turning complex and abstract questions into practical, concrete and functional solutions. We do this with all our heart and by using knowledge and experiences from being an entrepreneur.

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